White, untainted
Crystals reflecting truth
Gracing the-the ground with compassion
And care.
Like individual crystals of snow, honesty is rare indeed. When someone tells it as it is, that person’s words overwhelm you like snowfall sometimes does. That said, they are pure and untainted.
Honesty is a bitter pill to swallow. The truth is not palatable; this explains why most of us shy away from those who are too straightforward. Nevertheless, the truth does set you free in many ways. It grounds you. Constructive, honest feedback paves the way ahead.
It is better to have a brutally honest, helpful friend than a too-nice enemy.
The purity and forward-looking nature of the truth draw me to it, curt as it sometimes is. Here are my truthful thankfuls for this week.
My dogs, Misty and Cloudy, make every thankful list. They are on it this week for being open books. Dogs do not pretend. They are expressive; you can tell what is on their minds.
My friends are fairly open books as well. They seldom mince their words, a trait that I am grateful for. Many of them give frank, constructive comments about this, that or the other.
My parents seldom use honeyed words either. I am not comfortable with their curt ways, and never have been; even so, they have good intentions. It is all that matters.
This thankful is fictitious, but a blessing nonetheless. Carla Tortelli (Rhea Perlman), the barmaid from Cheers is not the easiest person to get along with, but you can almost read her mind. She does not hold back her words, and does not worry if they offend you. However, it is why she is one of the most popular characters on the show!
Kelvin, my husband is a hard-head and loves to force his ideas on others, but he always does it with good intention. He is truthful, though extreme.
To untainted truth.
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