Each of us believes in worthwhile causes and values. These convictions make us human; they define our morality. Your values form your personality.
Once in a while, an event happens to challenge these values. Perhaps you are a salesperson who disagrees with the way your boss shortchanges customers; you may be a writer asked to write a promotional post for a pornographic website. You may fail to stand up for a bullied colleague. In these circumstances, monetary and safety needs may come first.
Though admitting it is never easy, most of us are guilty of not standing up for our convictions. We compromise our beliefs because not doing so may threaten our positions at work. We change our views on issues to fit in with our friends. We fail to stand up for others because not doing so threatens our safety.
That said, standing up for your convictions is compassion that saves. It saves others because you show them empathy. It saves you; by sticking by your beliefs, you will not need to fret over whether you did the right thing. You will KNOW you did.
Believing in your convictions is a form of self-compassion because it is a way of being kind to yourself. It builds self-confidence. You trust your instincts and gather the courage your need to express your views, even if they are negative. You develop your belief system and a sense of self-respect.
Admittedly, it takes guts to embrace this form of compassion- one that entails kindness to both, yourself and others.
Developing the courage of your convictions takes time, but begins by believing in yourself. Abandon your negative beliefs and know what you are capable of doing. Understand what you believe and follow through on it.
Of course, it is easier said than done; we have to start, for ourselves and others.


That stays
Still against
Billowing wind
Cloth that does not tear
The hues remain pure and vibrant.


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