“Reunited and it feels so good….” 
My mind wanders to Peaches and Herb this week. Their greatest 70s hit spoke poignantly to me, thanks to several reunification experiences. The original Peaches and Herb are no more, but new members sing in their place. 
Reunions can have some sting. They may bring to mind anger and conflict. They may remind us of awkward situations that we want to forget. 
But they shape us and make us the persons we are. We have grown, in one way or the other, because of our interactions with people whom we lost contact with somewhere along the line, They have either made us stronger or given us clearer perspectives of our lives.  
I am thankful for reunification this week, and for the pleasant memories that came with them. 
My highlight of the week was reuniting with a long-time friend, Z, whom I have known for over twenty years. We met as university students but lost touch with each other during a time when she was going through a personal crisis. She is now hale, hearty and full of zest for life, We look forward to reminiscing over coffee.
I reconnected with my blogs this week, after finding a way to toggle them with client work. I missed the fun of writing on them daily and hope to do so as often as possible. 
Cloudy had her share of reunions too. She met up with a Chihuahua friend, Yoda, after missing her for a while. She also met another friend, Scotch, a male labrador she has not seen for a time. 
To reunions,  for being the hallmarks of our lives.


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