“Food glorious food” goes the ditty in Oliver Twist. 
Dicken’s beloved orphan is not the only one who loves and needs it. Every country in the world has a rich food heritage, and it is not hard to understand why. After all, eating is a need; people of every culture try to keep it interesting and bring something new to the table.
Singapore is no different. Coffee shops outnumber the people here (yes, this is an exaggeration, but there is one on every street). One can tuck into the hawker fare Singapore is famous for-Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow (flat white noodles) Rice with Roast Meat and Carrot Cake.
These little food corners are where both young and old gather to grab quick bites or cups of “Kopi” (Hokkien for coffee). For many, coffee shops are havens where they can get together with friends or unwind.
Food delights are my reasons for being thankful this week, among many others.
I am glad for Chili crab meat buns. These tasty morsels came in a pre-packed, supermarket package, but turned out to satisfy the palate. They are not a bad alternative if one is famished.
Then, there was the carrot cake I threw together on Thursday. Traditional hawker fare, it can be found in coffee shops all over Singapore. I made my version out of a radish, eggs, and prawns. With a little soy sauce and fresh red chili to taste, it was a credible first-time-fry.
My godson had his first communion this week and got to break bread. We celebrated by having three huge plates of monster curry after mass.
Then, there was laksa, noodles with seafood in spicy coconut gravy. I missed it, owing to being too stuffed, but my husband relished a plate for Sunday dinner.
We topped off the week with a family get together to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. Tasty chicken lettuce wraps were the hallmark of the celebration. The tender chicken pieces were to-die-for. That, and the hot plate of sweet and sour pork.
May we all be thankful for the food we have and be able to pile up our plates with more.
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