Life is an integration of puddles, streams, eddies, waterfalls and seas. It takes you to little-known places, and the only certainties about it are, as irony would have it, uncertainty and constant change. Your only option is to go with the flow. 
Not knowing where it is heading can leave you in a tailspin. You experience a maelstrom of emotions- fear, anger, surprise – to name but a few. You want it to stop at the right time, at your convenience. But this is, of course, a luxury. 
Still, it is wise, at times to flow along with it and see where it takes you, you may make a few exciting discoveries. I am glad that I went with the flow, and made a few of them this week. 
Going with the flow can take a bit of courage for a Roger, as Clark would say. Those familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine will know that Rogers are dependent on structure. Still, stepping out in small ways has its benefits, Roger or not. 
I am glad that I went with the flow when it came to working with clients. I usually worry about little details in their instructions and formatting their articles. I just let it be this week, which gave my creativity a stretch.
My gratitude that my husband went with the flow at work He has a unique opportunity, which I hope will work out well for him. 
Then, there is the weather, which is unpredictable. My gratitude that I went with the flow and took my dogs out at the right times. 
Technology can have its time and target as well, so I am grateful that I used the Internet at the right times this week when there was no lag. I managed to do what I needed to. 
Internet traffic can flow unstoppably, or not at all.  I am glad for when I sent out articles at the right time. To speak of time, my thanks for a trip I took to the Sembawang Hot Springs yesterday. Authorities had boarded up the area, so it was inaccessible. Nevertheless, I am glad for going with the flow, and a little exercise. 
Let life take you where it may this week; it may offer unexpected surprises.
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