Mindsets.They are challenging to change.

There are much stubbornness and negativity around us. So, we cheer when paradigms shift. It’s a relief when people (including ourselves) show an improvement in their attitudes. Of course, a change of environment helps as well.

My life has been about changing mindsets these few weeks. And I am thankful that the shifts have been for the better.

Thanks for Mindset And Other Shifts

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted on the TTOT blog hop. Of course, changes have taken place during this time. There have been shifts, both in mind and body. I am thankful for the triumphs and challenges.

1.Let’s begin with a physical change. I’m grateful that going to be moving soon. It means upgraded bathrooms and less noise. And of course, it‘ll Be fun to decorate my home the way I want.

2. I’m thankful that cloudy has managed to adjust to Misty’s passing. She showed signs of depression for a while and seemed to have aged. But she’s bounced back, and romps around as usual.

3. Work wise, there will always be clients who are unreasonable. I’m thankful to have met those who are. And they are a pleasure to work with.

4. I’m grateful for peace within my fractious family. It’s hard for them to get along, but they will with a little grace.

5. I’m thankful that my husband is in a better working environment with positive colleagues.

There’s nothing better than a shift in our mindset or a change in our environment to move us forward.

Ten Things of Thankful