My warmest greetings and I hope that everyone’s been keeping well. It may not feel like an appropriate time to present a thankful list, but it is. Gratitude is medicine for the doldrums. So a thankful list it is, and we will get a lift during difficult times.

 My Gratitude List for this week

  1. My Dogs

I am grateful for Zorra, my Singapore Special mongrel, and Cloudy, my ever-effervescent West Highland White Terrier. They have proven to be indispensable distractions from the COVID saga. Cloudy would sit at my feet while Zorra would curl up into a furball at the side, waiting for us to tell her that she has the go-ahead to head out for her daily romps. Being forced to anchor ourselves at home makes us grateful for the quiet, yet essential role our pets play.


I started to work from home about seven years ago when the concept still didn’t sit well with people, especially the more socially mobile ones. Most of them offered “suggestions” to make life better. I felt like an outcast, and seeking approval from friends and family was a constant. I never seemed worthy enough to speak to my family or friends.

That has changed, and if there’s a lesson that this pandemic has taught us, it’s that the internet is essential. I’m grateful for my teaching skills, and to be able to share them with students online. I’m also thankful to be able to write as well.

3.My Family

Visiting family members who stay in different homes is illegal at this time. My husband’s company has been a comfort, although we face the same fears that everyone has about job losses. We know that the Powers that Be will move us over this long and often lonely road. I am thankful that the other members of our respective families are hale and hearty at this point.

4.My Mobile Phone

Everyone recommends that we put our phones on aeroplane mode when we sleep to remove the risk of EMF radiation. While I don’t like being a slave to my phone,  I’m grateful for its use. How else would we be able to access the Internet on the spot? These days, it’s the only valid form of communication we have.


I have never considered myself a video junkie, and they are luxuries because we hardly have the time to watch them.

That makes me more thankful than ever for Netflix and Superheroes. I have watched five seasons of The Flash

and several movies these few months.  It will be hard to do this when we get back to the grind.

  1. Leslie Sansone

You wouldn’t catch me in the gym ordinarily, and exercising outdoors is difficult with social distancing in place.

But I have Turner Syndrome, which wreaks havoc on my metabolism.

So, exercising is a must. The Walk at Home program by Leslie Sansone has helped – I Have been able to lose 10 kg thus far without the yo-yo effect. Her videos are a big boon.

  1. Zoom

We cannot do without video tools these days. All teachers understand the hassle of conducting lessons online,

especially with big groups of children. I have experienced my fair share of technological headaches.

But I am grateful for Zoom. It isn’t always true to its name and sometimes slows down our computers. However,  it is a lifeline and one that I am blessed to have at this time.

  1. My laptop

Our laptops are tools that we often take for granted. We use them so often that they’ve become a part of us and we don’t give them a second thought. I wouldn’t be able to make a living without mine today, and almost everyone would say the same.

  1. Microsoft OneNote

I’m not proud to announce this, but I have poor executive functions. I drop and lose my keys more often than anyone would. Forgetfulness and poor short-term memory are one of my most significant challenges.

So, I’m glad for Microsoft OneNote, which has centralised all my tasks. Multitasking has become more efficient, And I can finally get a thankful post done.

  1. My keyboard

I’ve also begun to teach music classes, starting with my twin nieces. I’m happy to be able to put my keyboarding skills to good use. Alicia Keys or Richard Clayderman I am not, but I am excited to be able to share music with young ones. Of course, it’s a form of entertainment as well.

Here it is from the heart of the home. I’ll hopefully be able to write from elsewhere soon!