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And just like that, seven years have passed. It seems like only yesterday when Lizzie, Clark, and the other co-hosts we’re chatting over Google Hangouts. But some things never change-this group continues to inspire gratitude. And it kicks off my gratitude list.

1. My Dogs

The dogs are always the first on my list. They give me a reason to love the day when it’s not so loveable. When it becomes a stretch, I just walk Cloudy and Zorra.

2. My family

My husband and I haven’t been able to visit our families for the past two months, and yes, the absence has made the heart grow fonder. A big thanks for them being safe and sound.

3. My Friends

In the same way, I appreciate that my friends are safe and sound too. One was a close contact of a colleague who caught the virus, so I’m relieved that she is safe.

4. Neighbours

My neighbour, Kelly and I have been keeping each other company. Cloudy is especially thankful for Dexter, a feisty golden retriever puppy. Others look out for the community’s entertainment and daily needs too.

5. My Health

Health is wealth these days, so I am thankful that I have mine. Leslie Sansone has kept me healthy with her Walk At Home program too. Anyone who wants to access it can do so here.

6. Technology

Functioning well would be difficult with technological trappings- the phone, the computer and the television. A shout out to Netflix!

7. My Home Office

It’s nice to have a personal space to work. It’s where I am writing this post. I love being able to do this in peace with Cloudy at my feet.

8. My Husband

He’s the man who has made the above possible. A lovely home office wouldn’t have been likely without his support.

9. The TTOT Hosts

When this hop started seven years ago, Lizzi became a great virtual friend who listened to some of my grumbles and offered sound advice.

Then there is Clark, who got me interested in all things Rogerian! I am more Roger than Clark now that I am teaching again.

And thanks, Khristy, for taking the reins! You keep the thankful list tradition possible among us bloggers.

10. My ADHD

This cognitive challenge may seem out of place on this list. But I am thankful that I have to face it. It has forced me to find creative ways to organise myself and focus on my tasks. I’m glad to say that some of the tools I use, like the Forest App and Trello, have proven effective.

Here’s to the many Seven Years to come!! Happy Bloggiversary, everyone!