Everyone knows that we should give to receive. But it’s a difficult grace to Grapple with when life deals you a blow.

Providentially, it’s the grace we need to cope and adapt to changes. So my list this week focuses on people (and animals) who have given things and gotten nothing in return

  1. Mothers

The first people I must give a shout out to are my mother and mother-in-law. They give to us freely, they give to us freely, without strings attached.

My mother-in-law never had an unkind word to say about anyone. My mom has always make sure to attend to all of our needs. While we will never be able to repay them for all their graces, they will receive countless blessings.


The family usually grumbles a little when we ask them to do anything. But below their seeming reluctance is their willingness to do anything for you. They are the only ones you can count on when trouble strikes. They get the same unconditional love in return.

3. Medical Staff

Covid19 has been the time for hassled nurses to get the thanks they deserve. Many of us gave them hearty claps and war whoops at appointed times from our apartments.

4. Colleagues

Then there are rare colleagues like Shaheema who would do anything to help when you need them. I had to record a lesson for future use and needed her to assist. She stood by through countless takes. She has received here thanks in the form of a pair of Irish Twins recently.

5. Kelly

Kelly, my neighbor and newest friend, is the female version of Santa Claus. You can expect cookies or cakes almost every weekend. Her thanks? The many friends she has, of course!

6. A Pet Lover’s Group

I have joined a group of dog lovers as I wanted to meet up with like-minded pet lovers (everyone should know that my dogs are my closest buddies by now).

And I have. Everyone in the group gives freely to their pets – in return, they get thanks. (Not to mention extraordinary bonds with both furkids and humans).

7. The Dogs

Our K9 friends are perfect examples of those who give unconditional love. I admit to being a little rough when handling Zorra but she is very Zen – she doesn’t utter a sound when I reprimand her. Cloudy, of course, wags her tail no matter how harshly I scold her.